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Medical Transcription



Lambodra Infotech is the premier provider of medical transcription services, the process by which dictation is converted into an electronic medical report. We provide high quality reports with quick turn-around-time which are necessary for providing quality patient care. Through our highly trained medical transcriptionists, sophisticated digital dictation equipment and ability to interface with health care providers' computer systems, we provide solutions to shorten our customers' billing cycles and reduce costs.


Unbeatable quality
Faster turn-around-time
Competitive pricing


“Lambodra Infotech constantly strives to develop and maintain innovative strategies and services that specifically match our customer needs.”

Outsourcing to Lambodra Infotech provides innovative health care facilities with a valuable resource for one of health care's most critical departments: medical records.

Today, leading health care facilities of every size turn to Lambodra Infotech as more than just a provider of medical transcription. Our standard service includes the following critical elements for clinical documentation:

  1. Voice Capture
    Offering state-of-the-art digital dictation capabilities and other value added dictation capture options, We provides physicians with a choice in their method of dictation capture. Our remote dictation tracking system provides the ability for health care institutions to monitor the status of dictated reports.

  2. Transcription Management
    Lambodra Infotech uses the industry's most innovative medical transcription system, with full word processing and management reporting capabilities. Our team of industry professionals ensures smooth operations while implementing comprehensive quality assurance, training and security programs.

  3. Report Distribution
    Lambodra Infotech provides services and software tools that facilitate uploading of finished reports to a variety of host computer systems. Other services include On-site printing, correction editing, long-term storage and retrieval of reports.



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